My 2018 Thanksgiving Menu

What to make fo your friendsgiving dinner, dinner of gratitude, or whatever you wanna call it!

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Roasted Corn

Mashed Potatoes

Buttery Herbed Mashed Potatoes

Mashed Potatoes with Herb-Infused Cream and Chives

Make Ahead White Wine Gravy

Everything Parker House Rolls

Pumpkin Bisque

I found this recipe for pumpkin bisque that I wanted to try and it looked the most simple out of the all of the other recipes I read through.

Pumpkin Puree is pretty easy to find on Amazon and at Target.

Cranberry Sauce

This simple recipe for cranberry sauce can be found at the Food Network.

If you want to add a twist, check out my annual cranberry sauce family recipe.


Technique Cooking Class @ Williams Sonoma


If the side dishes are your favorite part of the holiday feast, this is the class for you! Learn how to make stellar sides that are guaranteed to steel the show. (Sorry, turkey!)

Includes a Goldtouch Roasting Set

Or just order one like I did… I know what you’re thinking! I cheated. Well, sorry, not sorry.