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My 2018 Thanksgiving Menu

Here’s what to make for your friendsgiving dinner, dinner of gratitude, or whatever you wanna call it! First things first, read up on other bloggers Friendsgiving feasts and “secret” family recipes. I took away a few Thanksgiving recipes from Half Baked Harvest.

Roasted Corn

Roasted Corn.jpg

Simple is always good, but sometimes those basic mashed potatoes could use a little twist.

Make Ahead White Wine Gravy

Everything Parker House Rolls.jpg
Coscto Dinner Rolls.jpg

In case Costco ran out of their famous dinner rolls, try making your own delicious rolls at home.

Pumpkin Bisque

Pumpkin Bisque.jpg

I found this recipe for pumpkin bisque that I wanted to try and it looked the most simple out of the all of the other recipes I read through.

Pumpkin Puree is pretty easy to find on Amazon and at Target.

Cranberry Sauce OR Apple Orange Cranberry Sauce

Apple-Orange Cranberry Sauce.jpg

This simple recipe for cranberry sauce can be found at the Food Network. If you want to add a twist, check out my annual cranberry sauce family recipe.

Turkey or Turkey Breast


The turkey… It’s kinda like a go big or go home situation… I always go small. I don’t love turkey, so I never make a whole turkey, just a turkey breast. The sides are the real dinner anyway. Sorry, big bird!

But if the big turkey is definitely your thing, Williams Sonoma offers these Technique Cooking Classes right before the holidays (early November) AND there’s a class just for “Cooking the Best Thanksgiving Side Dishes,” which is perfect for anyone in charge of side at their holiday feasts. I have to say… they really are the best. The most simple recipes could use just a few extra ingredients to give it some kick.


I’m also gonna add that you can just order a turkey from Williams Sonoma (like I did)… I know what you’re thinking! I cheated. Well, #SorryNotSorry.

My 2018 Winter Reading List

My 2018 Winter Reading List

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