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A Gifting Guide for Mom + Baby

A Gifting Guide for Mom + Baby

Often times shopping around for baby gifts, everyone forgets all about the amazing person who will be bringing the baby into the world… MOM! Here’s a thoughtful guide to gifting useful thing and the little luxuries that bring mom’s joy.

MZ Wallace Diaper Bag

If you’re obsessed with pockets like I am, you’ll love MZ Wallace bags! I’m all about convenience and utility, as well as style, which is what I get from all of my MZ Wallace bags. So, of course, I would gift it to my friends. What I didn’t always know was that they also had a bag line just for babies.

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Handmade Baby Blanket

You can never have enough baby blankets. Moms and dads need them everywhere they travel with their little one, especially as babies become more active and start making messes. These stroller buddies are knitted up with 100% cotton yarn, which makes it durable enough to survive like a million washes. Plus, it’s nice to have something handmade to swaddle up your bundle of joy in. Give a gift that will certainly get used time and time again.


Hey Mama Kitchen’s Milk Supply

Most mothers, and especially first time moms, are super conscious about the ingredients that they put into their bodies because eating for two gives you a lot to think about. Why not snack without a worry? Hey Mama Kitchen’s got lactation cookies and teas, oatmeal, and granola for mamas to snack on. Even if you’re not expecting, these cookies are a delicious snack and the oatmeals are convenient to take on the go.

Pottery Barn Elephant Shaped Storage

There’s something about babies and animals that just go together. This elephant storage is just adorable and really holds a lot. I’ve seen this used for laundry too. Other baby-related animals might include pachyderms like rhinos and hippos.

Mademoiselle Eloïse French Doll @ Bonjour Petit

French Dolls have been a trending gift for baby girls and toddlers. Check out some of these cuties from Bonjour Petit. There’s a few soft rag dolls at Target too! This one’s been the most popular.

Pro Tip: Remember to buy everything, including baby blankets, large because babies grow fast and will outgrow their clothes in a matter of weeks.

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