My Care/Of Box

My First Care Of Box.JPG

New Year, healthier me? Well, I try to make health and fitness my goal all the time, not just because a new year is approaching. Amd while I focused a lot on fitness last year, I’d like to shift gears and start watching my portions.

Originally recommended for me was iron, vitamin D,C, astaxanthin, ashwagandha, and rhodiola. I was a bit skeptical of whether or not I really needed the astaxanthin, but I still tried for two months. I generally have healthy skin and didn’t feel the need to continue taking it, so I changed my box.

My favorite part of the box were the “extra batteries!” They’re basically these powder sticks to be mixed with a bottle of water. It’s an extra boost of Vitamin B-12, which I’m usually low on. And who doesn’t need more energy, right?

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