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#MyLasikStory - Part 2

#MyLasikStory - Part 2

Hope you enjoyed yesterday’s post. I know it was really information heavy, but it helps to make tough decisions when you read detailed experiences from others who have already done something.

I always keep it real with my followers by sharing the skinny on my favorite eats, cosmetics, and lifestyle hacks. This includes the good, the bad, and the ugly. So, here’s the ugly on my Lasik story. I’ll break it down into strikes.

Strike #1 — Scheduling

My original consultation was in April of this year. The doctors and medical staff were great and I felt like I was given a major breakdown of each type of procedure that was a good fit for me. I felt that I made an informed decision to have this procedure done.

Strike #2 — Communication

Simply stating that there is a lack of communication with Manhattan Lasik Center would be the understatement of the year. There is little to no communication whatsoever. I never got a phone call or email to confirm the date and time of my procedure.

Given that this is a pretty serious procedure, there should be an email sent out a week in advance letting you know that you should pick up Muro 128 drops and start using them two days prior to your procedure date. Most patients wouldn’t remember to do so just because you told them so, when they booked their appointment so far in advance,

Misleading information is definitely a pet peeve of mine. I try to make the best decisions possible, after knowing all of the pros, cons, and risks that I’m willing to take. Lasik effects every individual differently, so I don’t think it’s accurate for Manhattan Lasik Center (or any other facility that offers these types of services) to describe this procedure as “painless and easy.”

Strike #3 — Thai

When I first arrived to Manhattan Lasik Center, I was already extremely nervous about the procedure, but also a little excited for the results. Who doesn’t want 20/20 vision, right?

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