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Rhode Island

After several years of taking a short beach vacay with my family to the same place every Summer, staying at every hotel in town, eating at every restaurant around, shopping at all of the same bougie boutiques, hanging out at the same bars and lounges, fishing at all of the local spots... the Hamptons got so old so fast. So, we tried a new destination-- Rhode Island.

First of Rhode Island is so small, you could probably visit at least ten towns within a week. The beaches are beautiful and not so crowded, especially during the week. Be sure to check out Narragansett Town Beach and Scarborough State Beach. There were plenty of other beautiful beaches, but I can't remember all of their names. Newport, RI is definitely a shopping destination to put on your checklist, especially Bellevue Beauty Walk.

Also, there's all of these "wharfs." I don't even know what that is, but Newport is sort of sectioned out by wharfs. So at Bannister's Wharf, there's this awesome restaurant right on the water called The Landing, which I totally recommend. 

Believe it or not, three days of eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner out can get old fast. Especially, seafood. Closer to mid-week, a home cooked meal is looking pretty good. That's one of the perks of staying at a beach house, instead of a hotel. These beach house rentals were perfect!

And more importantly, I wore the perfect  for my RI trip!


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Good Eats: Rhode Island

Good Eats: Rhode Island

Zesty Lemon Orzo

Zesty Lemon Orzo