The Gift of Leather

Curry Leather Craft Brown Strap Key Ring

Just received my order from Curry Leather Craft today! Nothing says Happy Anniversary like a new keychain, right?

Let me explain! I promise that I'm not a bad gifter. It's just that my guy is super difficult to shop for. I'm sure that he never has a hard time shopping for me because I have a million hobbies to keep up with. Between knitting, writing, running, and picking up tennis again, he could probably come up with a few good gifts ideas for me. He's thoughtful like that, I guess. Unfortunately, I don't think he has any hobbies, so I can't gift shop based on that.

But, on the bright side, you can't go wrong with something useful. And by useful, I mean something he needs and will use all of the time. Not that super fancy gold pen that you thought might get him to start writing a novel or something. I mean something he'll like and use.

Next steps... I snooped around to get an idea of what bae could use. I noticed his keychain was all beat up and nasty because someone's dog chewed it up. Then, I quickly remembered a friend of mine back in DC that makes cool leather stuff. David Curry, as in Curry Leather Craft. I ordered these keychains that I found on Insta, customized them with our initials, and called it a day.