Make Your Blog Stand Out


Be yourself. Sounds basic, right? The most important thing about your blog is that it has to scream YOU!!! The best way to make your blog stand out is to stay true to yourself. There's only one of you. And you only have one blog, so do it right.

Keep it 💯 all the time. Make sure your content is original. No plagiarism! (In case your college professors didn't already engrave this golden rule into your brain.) Stock photos are a great resource for bloggers. But, your own photos could be way more relatable. Don't over filter all of your photos. Be authentic, from your copy to your images to your About Me page.

Personality always pops out of a blog. And experienced writers and bloggers really get a sense of who you are, just by checking out some of your content. Be blunt, but never rude. Be upfront, but never too personal. And if it ain't cute, keep it on mute!

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