Bianca Reyes Illustrated By Brooke Hagel Fabulous Doodles

About Me

Hi my name is Bianca and I'm a shopaholic! And no, I don't need help. I'm a blogger/writer/editor at Oh So Fashionably Late. I follow fashion from an innovative perspective. I believe that the best accessories are handmade. I love all things beauty. And I think everyone should live their life to the fullest. Need help with that? You can count on my honest opinion for product reviews on any cosmetics. I'm a total #foodie, love trying new cuisines, and will eat just about anything. My food diary is freakin' epic. Follow the blog and I might share some of my own secret family recipes. There's nothing like a good old road trip, either by myself or with some girlfriends. I also love to knit and read. I know... not your typical millennial. I'm a social media guru and PR is my specialty. I'm always happy to share marketing tips with any fellow #COMMgirls out there. And I'm always in the middle of some #TwitterChat, so keep up up with the convo.

In a nutshell: I'm a fashion follower, trend setter, lifestyle blogger, foodie, coffee lover, spiritual gangster, hipster, yogi, social media guru, writer, millenial.

Love my illustration? Have your masterpiece created by the talented Brooke Hagel.