Simply Beautify Your Next Backyard BBQ

So, I did the damn thang and graduated from college. Now I'm not one to throw huge parties, but a small gathering to celebrate my achievement is a necessity. My college grad party was celebrated at home with friends and family. P.S.- I was in charge of decorating. Here's a few tips to decorate your next backyard BBQ, outdoorsy brunch, picnic at the park, or a day lounging by the pool with your girls.

Floral arrangements are a must to brighten things up. And if you're not into flowers, then throw some sort of greenery around. But ya need something! In these floral bunches above, the vibrant yellow and calming lavender are balanced out by the cloudy white. It gives character to the white and silver table setting. That's the key! If you have a neutral table setting (white, grey, beige, etc), you can play around with the colors of tableware, floral arrangements, maybe some confetti, etc.

Be the hostess with the mostess... and least stress. The less time you spend cleaning up, the more time you'll spend enjoying your company. Disposable tablecloths will save you from having to wipe down the table in between the main course and coffee with dessert. Just wrap it up and toss it in the garbage. No need to "clean off the table." And washing dishes? Ain't nobody got time for that! Thank goodness for plastic tableware and cutlery. There's some that look so real. And they come in silver, gold, and even rose gold!