The Ultimate Gift Guide for Bae

Birthday Gifts for Him

Presentation is everything! Pretty gift wrapping is always the cherry on top. Bloomingdale's is awesome for flawless wrapping and extravagant bow tying. They make it look so easy.

Something he'll wear... Every guy needs new clothes. this is always my go to when I don't know what to buy bae for Christmas. 

Something useful... Guys need stuff. They may not realize, but you do. So, it's somewhat your duty to supply him with the things that you know (not think) he needs.

Something thoughtful... He may not show his sensitive side, but guys really do appreciate the little things.

Something shiny... Ladies love some new bling. And so does your man. A watch is a classic anniversary gift, even a great birthday gift.

Something big... That new toy he's been eyeing for months now. Ladies, it is only acceptable to gift your man a car, if you've been together for a long time and/or are currently married.