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Tips for Blogging

Tips for Blogging

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It's not all about you! Don't write only what you'd like to read. Focus on who your reader is. Gear your content towards what readers want to read on the blog, see on social media, and read more of in their inbox. Rely heavily on the feedback of others, to see if they like what you are writing, before you post. "Others" means your friends, coworkers, your mom, that nice lady who lives next door, anyone. Just get a second, third, and fourth set of eyes on your blog content. Send out surveys to your followers. They have no reason to lie on an anonymous survey. And if any of your followers are bloggers themselves, they'll totally understand and be happy to help, by giving a fellow blogger exactly what they asked for-- the truth.

Be Authentic (but not too personal)

But, that's none of my business... Don't post too many personal things about yourself. Always feel free to share pictures from you date night, family vacay, girls' night out, etc. But, don't go overboard with bikini pics and sad blog posts about your now-ex. This is not your personal Instagram account, nor is it your private diary. There is nothing wrong with keepin' it 100%. But sometimes, being too real can get you into trouble. Don't talk about anyone negatively or post gossip on your blog, even if you don't use names. There's no room for drama on your blog. 

I like to let my followers in on beauty tricks, blogging tips, and even my secret family recipes. But, I don't share my personal info or my upcoming schedule. Followers should be first to find out the latest fashion and lifestyle trends, but last to know that you've been on vacation for two weeks with your family or are going out to Tao Downtown for dinner with some friends tonight. Just trust me on this one! It's for your safety.


There is always room for improvement. Don't ever post content on your blog and then never look back. But, don't over edit your writing either. You may get some bad feedback on your blog and that's all good and well, as long as it's respectful or even just some constructive criticism. If it is a comment, you should most likely delete it and/or not reply at all. (No matter how badly you want to reply with a nasty comment.)

Time Management

Ain't nobody got time for that! Oh, yes you do! Don't take long breaks between blog posts. You could lose followers. Your loyal followers will stay by your side, but most find it weird when they sign up for blog newsletters and never get an email. But if you do deicide to ghost your followers for a little bit, make a big comeback and explain your absence. Maybe you broke your wrist, or you've been swamped at work, or studying for finals, or just took some much needed me-time. It's ok, but you got some explaining to do. Or to avoid looking like a flake, just don't post the date on your blog posts. Your followers will never know.


Never give up on your blog! You better believe in yourself (and your blog) because you can't count on everyone else to. When you've got a bad case of writers' blog, take a break from posting for a few days, a week, heck even a month. But, do not stop populating content for your blog and its social media. Keep it moving girlfriend!


A writer will always be his or her own worst critic. If you're not confident in your writing, let your friends take a look at it. Or your mom! She'll aways tell you the truth... even when you don't wanna hear it. But you have to learn to be ok with letting others see your work. Otherwise, there would be no point in having a blog for the world to see.

Thirsty Lips?

Thirsty Lips?

Make Your Blog Stand Out

Make Your Blog Stand Out