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Fight the Humidity

Fight the Humidity

Loma shampoo and conditioner and Calming Creme.

Like most of us, humidity causes my hair to frizz up... like real bad. Although I still haven't found a product that totally cures my hair of frizz in the humidity, Loma is pretty damn close to it.

I love the super creamy shampoo because it's like washing and moisturizing at the same time, instead of sucking all of the moisture out of my pretty locks. And as for step two... There's nothing (well... almost nothing) that I hate more than watery conditioner. Loma's conditioner is actually more of a moisturizing treatment, which means it's nice and thick enough to coat your hair for a solid several minutes in the shower. I don't always have time to sit for twenty minutes with a hair mask on, so a conditioning treatment could be helpful in the middle of the week.

The "Calming Creme" does exactly that! This product is multi-functional. I use it on my wet hair right before I blow it out, as a styling creme, and to lay flat those annoying fly aways that pop up randomly.

Now, I'm looking forward to trying out Loma's latest... The Violet Duo!

*P.S.- This is a "subtle" hint that I'll be going blonde again!

Loma Moisturizing Trio Gift Set

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