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#BatchDay: May 15, 2018

#BatchDay: May 15, 2018

What's the deal?

I have been swamped since March and I need to catch up like yesterday! My blog will launch on June 1st! (Or I hope anyway.) I've got 3 baby blankets that I'm working on: 2 of them being for friends and 1 of them being an order that I have to fulfill. So, I chose May 15th as my #BatchDay this month. And going forward, I may use the 15th as my "Get Shit Done Day" on a monthly basis because I NEED it.

The Deets

This time around is all about time management. I need to set an hour a day aside for my "blog stuff." Everyday when I come home from work, I intend to dedicate 1 whole hour to populating blog content and reaching out for second opinions on the blog's web design.

Before my official launch, I need a second, third, and fourth set of eyes on all of my blog content. Honesty is very much necessary, so I chose my five closest friends to give it to me straight. First things first, I can't get anything done without planning and/or getting something on the calendar. That being said, I've made several dates for Coffee Meetups with some of the girls to have them tell all of their thoughts on the new blog. I gotta know!

And on Sunday, I plan on spending the whole afternoon knitting with a hot cup of tea. I need to wrap up this baby blanket. So, I've blocked out 3 hours on Sunday afternoon.

Minor Details

I'm an #EarlyRiser (but still not a #MorningPerson), so most of my best work comes to me at 4AM. No rhyme or reason. It just happens that way. I won't be dragging anyone out of bed at that time, but I did schedule my coffee meetups for 8, 9, and 10 in the morning on a Saturday morning, as well as 10AM the following day. This is going to be one productive weekend!

And the big to-do...

On May 25th, I'm getting together with a group of talented creative ladies that I collaborate with from time to time via the Creatives Coworking Meetup Group on Facebook. Stay tuned for my next blog, to see how things went.

Ultimate Challenge

#NoSleepTil the blog launch! I'm a little under the weather lately, but I can't afford to be sick. And yet, I can't afford to get any rest.


  • Populate 20 blog posts per page.
  • Schedule social media posts for a month in advance.
  • Launch the blog on June 1st.
  • Host a small get together to celebrate blog launch.
Don't Tease Me

Don't Tease Me

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