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#GirlsNightIn Wine Order

#GirlsNightIn Wine Order

Here's the perfect wine list for a night in with your girls. Start off with the light and bubbly… then get deeper into the darker stuff. Relax! I’m just talking about the wine… maybe. Ditch the apron and don’t spend too much time in the kitchen. Check out some of these easy to cook (or order 🙄) appetizers, if it’s your turn to host the next Girls’ Night In. Some delish small bites paired with the right wines make a great late night snack, when you don’t have time to cook.


2017 Pretty Young Thing Sauvignon Blanc

Start off with something sweet and bubbly, but just a little tart. This fruity sauv blanc has tasting notes of green apple and lemon, so it’s got a little dry, zesty flavor to it. Pair this PYT Sauv Blanc with your Thai takeout and maybe some shellfish (if you’re not allergic). I recommend either grilled shrimp or pan seared scallops.


2017 The Independent Chardonnay

Here’s a nice dry, medium bodied wine to transition everyone into the evening with small bites. Its’ tasting notes consist of apricot, honey, and pear. This makes it pair well with cheeses and shrimp.

I recommend some coconut shrimp with a sweet chili dipping sauce. Try out this recipe on Fifteen Spatulas or order them from Costco. And if you wanna stick with cheese only, definitely throw in some gouda.

And if you want to have an even lighter bite option, try drizzling this Mission Fig Dark Balsamic Vinegar over some sliced pears and Swiss cheese cubes.



2017 Loves Me Not Rosé

I threw this bottle in my order because everyone’s drinking rosé these days, so why not? I’m not a fan of a super rosy/herbal flavored rosé, but I do love this rosé in particular for its really sweet taste. Pair this with something salty, like melon wrapped in prosciutto.


2017 Wall of Sound Red Blend

This sweet, dry red blend goes great with a variety of cheeses. And it really compliments pasta with red sauce, if you’re in a romantic mood. Or if you’re feeling more casual, BBQ also pairs well with it. If you’re opting in for the romantic mood, try out my recipe for a delish dish of spaghetti and meatballs.


2017 Yé-Yé Monastrell

Yeaya!!! Put your hands up for this dry, medium bodied red. This monastrell contains tasting notes of fig, dark plum, and black pepper. The rich fruity and peppery taste pairs well with a variety of meal types; whether you’re keeping things simple with a board of cheeses and cured meats, casual with burgers, or getting fancy with lamb.

Here’s my rule of thumb for cheese boards… If you have figs or a fig jam on the board, you gotta include a soft brie cheese to compliment it.

For more tips on creating the perfect cheese board, check out this blog post!



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