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Every Winer Loves a Good Cheese Board

Every Winer Loves a Good Cheese Board

The picture above is one of my many amazing cheese boards. And while most of my cheese boards are awesome because I choose so many different types of cheeses and the finest charcuterie, presentation is everything! So, I finally stepped up my game. And I learned that apples and grapes are not the only fruits you can add to a cheese board.

Cold Spring Cheese Shop, 104 Main St, Cold Spring, NY 10516

Cold Spring Cheese Shop, 104 Main St, Cold Spring, NY 10516

This is a cheese store that I discovered in Cold Spring, NY. And yes, it is called “Cheese Shop.” One of the reasons that I fell in love with this particular shop was all of the local love. They carried lots of other products, like fresh homemade pasta, pickles, and dried organic fruits that were from the general Hudson Valley area.

Not only did the owner let me sample a variety of cheeses, but he was able to help me choose meats and other yummy treats to throw onto my cheese board. And they all tasted very different, but still went well together. I also never considered having dried fruits on my cheese boards before this because I assumed some nice, cold grapes were just the way to go. The dried figs were sweet and crispy. The sweet + tart dried cherries were exactly that and they were a nice flavor to sort cleanse your palette of the saltiness from the cheeses and salamis.

Notice the Good Cheese Knife.jpg

And if you noticed my fancy cheese knife, kudos to you! I actually picked up this beauty from a boutique called Burkelman, also in Cold Spring and very close to the Cheese Shop. Not gonna lie, I may have snagged the last one, but here’s something very similar and it still has a wooden handle. I’ve been following this boutique ever since and just found out that they’re opening up another boutique location downtown Manhattan, on Bowery + Bond for the Fall of 2018. Super excited!

Burkelman NYC Fall 2018.jpg

A fancy cheese knife is an accessory that is just as important as the cheese board itself. Speaking of the cheese board… Have you ever heard of Brooklyn Slate Company? Well, believe it or not I never heard of them, until I visited some friends who live in Cali, but are from NY. I know; it’s kinda bad when people from California know more about New York than you do. Give me a break! Anyway shopping online is all good and well, but shopping in store is always so much better. Brooklyn Slate Company is located at 33 Bowne Street… in Brooklyn… like in New York (hence the name). I definitely recommend taking a look, if you ever find yourself in the Brooklyn area.

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