A Rosé Soirée


A Rosé Soirée 08-16-2018.jpg

This is the Evite that I sent out for the party.. August 18th starts at 1PM. I purposely did not include an "end" time because I'm in no rush to get rid of my company. I get so caught up with work that I want to enjoy the good company of my friends, while I have the opportunity.



I asked the guests to bring their favorite bottle of rosé. This definitley helps keep the budget low, so you can splurge on other party essentials.



Plastic wine glasses are a must for two reasons... 1) You won't want to wash 20 wine glasses, by the time you're done day drinking and 2) You won't want to clean up after someone breaks a wine glass. Oh... and you probably don't want anyone to get hurt.



Everyone needs a different color wine glass marker, so that no one drinks out of the wrong glass. There will be no swapping spit at any #OSFLevents.



Fancy plastic eatery becasue I'm lazy, not tacky.