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NYC Spin Scene

NYC Spin Scene

Inspired by this Fitt article, I just spent the past few weeks spinning, spinning, spinning. I checked out lots of spin studios local to the NYC area. From riding to the beat, freestyling it, and riding for points, I discovered awesome studios with great vibes and strong communities. Here are the top five spin studios on my list.



SWERVE Fitness

SWERVE is at the top of my list. There are three studios: Midtown, Flatiron, and the Upper East Side. The Flatiron studio is my favorite. First and foremost, I like a little competition. So, I actually appreciate the point system because it encourages riders to “swerve to the beat” and earn the highest SWERVE score. Their point system works for me because I can hold myself accountable with something tangible. Despite my being very independent, and the fact that it’s just a spin studio, I do enjoy the feeling of a community. The networking nights and friendly staff make SWERVE the studio such a supportive environment. Book your first ride here!

And don’t forget to stop by the smoothie bar after class! You can even pre-order your smoothie, so that it’s ready to go as soon as you get out of class. I recommend the Cinna and the PB Mood Booster.



AQUA Studio NY

Yup, it’s exactly what you think it is. Spin class in the water. I tried out an aquatic spin class for the first time a few weeks ago. Ed’s a great instructor and the receptionist is super friendly. The studio is located on Franklin Street in TriBeCa, and very close to Chinatown. How convenient? After a water workout, you might just build up an appetite for some Asian fusion.

Even though it might seem easy, I still recommend a beginner’s class to get introduced to the idea of aqua spin and learn each position perfectly before diving into a fast-paced advanced class. Position #4 is pretty interesting… You wouldn’t try it while spinning on land. That’s for sure. Use promo code OSFL15 to book your discounted “Intro Month.” This offer expires June 30th.




What an experience! I’ve never been to a spin class, or any other fitness class, with music videos playing. There’s something about watching music videos during spin class that gets you going and makes class a little more motivating because I find riding “blind” a little difficult. My first class was with Liz and I liked her playlist a lot. I also appreciate spin instructors that get off their bikes, to take a walk around the class, and make sure everyone’s ride is going well. Many times tension builds up in my upper back and it’s a gentle reminder to relax, when someone walks by and presses my shoulders down. It’s like a reminder to be more conscious of my posture.

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I think SoulCycle might have actually started this whole spin trend from several years ago. This notion of 45 minutes is a game changer. Not everyone wants to spend an hour at the gym everyday. And if you do have the time, a few sessions with an instructor might be helpful, so you know what you’re doing. Forty-five minutes a day is all you need to transform your body. If you’re wondering if SoulCycle is like what you saw in the movie, I Feel Pretty, featuring Amy Schumer… Yea, it kinda is… for me anyway. There’s a balanced routine of upper-body, stretching, and cardio. And their tunes are usually motivating. You owe it yourself, to take time out of your busy day, and spend just 45 minutes on yourself. Book it babe!




There’s nothing better than UV lights to make your bright clothes glow in the dark and sick beats to ride to. I love the whole “cycologist” theme going on. Check out their shop for some fun sports gear. So far, Hunter is my favorite spin instructor at Cyc. Find the right cycologist for you!


***While I am sharing a few referral links for certain spin studios, I am not an influencer for any of the fitness studios listed above,

nor was I paid to write this post. This is not a paid advertisement.***

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